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Eurolink (Europe) is pleased to announce a new partnership with CLM Training, a leader in the provision of training and implementation management of the CE marking process.  The partnership combines CLM Training's expertise in the provision of training support and management system audit to achieve CE compliance with Eurolink’s in-depth knowledge of CE Marking rules and regulations in the European marketplace. The use of Eurolink (Europe)'s authorised representative services ensures a total process for CE marking and certification for non-EU manufacturers with the minimum management effort.
We are delighted that together Eurolink (Europe) and CLM Training are able to take clients through all processes involved in the CE Marking of products to ensure total client success.

Our website has been designed to tell you more about our services and at the same time provide you with background information on the CE marking process for the European Union (EU).  It must be recognised that although the laws and regulations established by the European Commission are applicable to the EU they also apply to the other countries in Europe that previously formed the European Free Trade Area (EFTA).  These are Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.  These countries and the EU member states now forms the European Economic Area (EEA).  Switzerland is not a member of the EEA and therefore does not participate in these rules.

Everywhere on our website where we refer to the European Union it includes the additional three countries that, together with the EU, make up the EEA.

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Do not be intimidated by all you hear about European Union CE marking certification. It is not difficult and can be made a lot more simple when you have Eurolink (Europe) helping you.

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