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Responsible Person

As explained in the page covering Authorised Representatives a person in the EU has to be held responsible for holding documentation and issuing Declarations of Conformity in the EU.  This is the Responsible Person.  This person may be the manufacturers Authorised Representative if contracted to perform this function.  The default position is that it is the person who finally imports the product into the EU.  Because of the potential serious consequences of non-compliance in this area it is highly recommended that expert advice be sought.

Depending on the applicable Directive(s) there are implications for:

  • Signing and issuing 'Declarations of Conformity'
  • The location of the authorised representative or responsible person
  • Retention and location of documents
  • Establishing responsibilities for the importer

Let Eurolink (Europe) help you satisfy all the requirements of meeting the Authorised Representative and Responsible Person responsibilities. To do so or to obtain impartial and rapid advice on this or any other subject involving CE marking or importing products into the EU Contact us.

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