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Essential Requirements for CE Marking

Compliance with the Essential Requirements as in an EU Directive is the MINIMUM acceptable performance for a product.  There is a presumption in law that if a manufacturer has used harmonised standards to demonstrate this then he has met the performace requirements expected. 

European standards are the back-bone of the whole process and selection of the appropriate standard(s) is therefore an essential element for demonstrating compliance and achieving CE marking.

As stated above compliance with EN standards is defined as an acceptable performance criteria.  However, alternative methods must be used when:

  • An EN or IEC standard does not exist and where the use of an EU National standard is to be used on an interim basis.
  • Where existing standards are inadequate (preliminary, interim draft or provisional).
  • The product needs to demonstrate ‘State of the art’ performance’ beyond the standards.
  • Where justified national standards or requirements exist.
  • Where additional marking, documentation or translation requirements exist.
  • Where ergonomic noise or environmental requirements exist.
  • Special environmental conditions exist.
  • Foreseeable use not addressed in the standards exists or is a possibility.
  • Market or customer expectations dictate additional performance.
  • Specifics in directives (ER’s) may exceed standards requirements
  • Forseeable misuse requires additional design solutions outside the requirements of the standards.

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